Price: R2990-00

The big racing highlights is that chassis with the tilted angle of 6 to the plane level is designed for better shockproof and off-road performance


  • Completely factory assembled - RTR
  • Assembled with full Aluminum Metal parts
  • non-polar shift
  • Two Speed transmissions  
  • 4WD shaft-drive system
  • 2mm Chromatic aluminum chassis plate
  • Powerful .18 Nitro engine with pull-starter (Team Infinity)
  • All-aluminum exhaust system
  • Fully adjustable four-wheel independent suspension
  • Oil-Filled Adjustable Aluminum Shocks
  • High performance and high scrabble ground directing tires
  • Full set of precision ball bearings
  • 75cc quick-fill fuel tank with spill guard
  • Disc Brake System
  • AM Radio Included

Technical Data


Length: 402mm
Width: 240mm
Height: 160mm
Wheelbase: 270mm
Ground Clearance: 26mm
Track Width: 203mm
Tire Size: (F/R) 88x34mm / 88x41mm
Gear ratio: (H/L) 8.37:1
Total Weight:  2060g
Engine: .18 with pull start